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Promistery CSA

Promistery CSA

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Purchase Your CSA Membership Here :) See membership perks below

Please sign up with your email as we will email you a form to fill out.

Early Bird Sign up before April 15th to receive an additional $20 on your membership card

Make sure to use the discount code at checkout to get your saving!

  • $500 - get $525 on a gift card, 5% Bonus!
  • $1000 - get $1100 on a gift card, 10% Bonus!
  • $1500 - get $1725 on a gift card, 15% Bonus!


Click the link below for each add on and add it to your card

Membership Perks
  • Eggs, only members may purchase eggs, limit 1 dozen a week.
  • Our fruit and berries will only be available to members, limited supply
  • Farm memberships give you access to the property throughout the week! Non members are on Saturdays only.
  • Discounts to all farm events and workshops.
  • Farm stand specials - deals offered on various products and workshops
  • Discounts on all bookings such as picnics and photos.
  • Become a Promisterian!
  • Comes with a membership card!

Support Local!

CSA Terms

CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, originally from Japan in the 1960s, has become more common with small local organic minded farms. The idea is to build a relationship between the farm and the community it serves. You sign up and become a member and active investor in the farm. Your dividends; a share of the bounty of produce the Promistery produces. 

Benefits of becoming a CSA member include:

  • First access to freshly harvested organic produce.
  • Receive a discount on your produce for the season. 
  • Full access to the farm 5 days a week with your membership card. 
  • Discounts/free entry on all events and activities at the farm.
  • $10 towards their CSA for every person they refer who also signs up.

The Promistery promises it will use only organic and sustainable farming practices. Our members will receive local organically grown produce for a guaranteed 20 weeks from the 2nd week of June to the mid/end of October. (Though you can start buying before, or continue after, then if produce is available.)

The CSA is a Free Choice CSA, meaning that members are able to choose what is in their share each week. If the members do not want to do a free choice CSA they can opt for a traditional CSA where we pick and prepare your share for you( just pick the Assorted Produce Box and continue to checkout and we will chose for you).

Each Saturday we will update our website with available produce for the following week. All CSA orders need to be placed on the website by Tuesday @ 6am to ensure they receive their order on Wednesday. 

 Members will receive a Promistery Membership Card when registering. This card is linked to our online store. The members will be able to order their produce each week online and either pick it up from the farm, our St Catharines central location or have it delivered (at an additional cost). If you don’t want to order ahead, or forgot to, our farm stand will be open Tuesday - Saturday and you will be able to use your membership card here. You will also have more flexibility with ordering, not having to order the same quantity of produce each week. 

Members will receive a personalized code (along with their member cards) to use in their shopping cart when checking out online. Member cards will need to be shown at the farm to have full access to the property. If you lose your membership card a new one can be replaced for $10. Membership cards can also be topped up if you need more funds added to continue your discount. You will receive your membership card when picking up your first order. 


The Promistery CSA Share Plans:

  1. Half Share: Pay $500 and receive a $525 Member Card (5% BONUS) ~ $26/wk
  2. Full Share: Pay $1000 and receive a $1100 Member Card (10% BONUS) - $55/wk
  3. Family Share: Pay $1500 and receive a $1725 Member Card (15% BONUS) ~$86/wk

Pickup Locations: 

 the Promistery: CSA orders will be ready for pick up at the Promistery anytime after 3pm on Wednesdays.

Deliveries: If you prefer to have your order delivered that will be an additional $5 per week and will also be made on Wednesday afternoons (between 3-6pm) Niagara Region Only Subject To Approval. 

You can select any of these options when registering, or you may use your membership card like a gift card at our farm stand whenever you choose during our hours of operation. 

CSA Payments:

  1. E-Transfer:
  2. Email: promistery@protonmail.com
  3. Question: Anything you want.
  4. Password: promistery


  • Cash:
    We will coordinate with you to receive cash by the first CSA date. Get an extra $10 to you CSA when paying in cash.  
  • Credit/Debit
    You will be charged a merchant fee of 2.9% of your order total. We will send a Square invoice. To be paid by the first CSA date.