Closed until the Spring. Thanks For a Great Season Everyone!

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Fresh is Best!

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November 26th is the last day the farm is open.

We are still offering Deliveries/Pickup on Fridays until Christmas.

Farmers Markets

Come see us Thursday and Saturdays at St. Catharines Farmers Market 8am - 2am.

Pick Your Own Bouquette!

Farm Tours

Did Someone Say Hay Ride?

Get taken around to see the beautiful Promistery from the comfort of your own hay bale!

Saturdays 11am, 1pm, and 2pm

Hike Through The Enchanted Forest

See the beautiful diversity of plants and animals. You may even catch a few Elves and Gnomes!

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Caring for God's Creatures

See how we take great care of our animals and help out too!

We Are Here For You

Crisp Cool Lettuce

Who doesn't love salads! We know you want some!

Beautiful Bountiful Harvests

Share in Nature's bounty with family and friends! Your dishes never tasted better! Try to find food this good at the grocery store!

Health from God

Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

Meet our Furry Friends!

Bilbo and Buffy

Say Hola to Bilbo Swaggins and Buffy the Mouse Slayer!

Give Ruach a Pet

Meet the friendliest dog around! He is the coolest dog we know!

The Four Sisters

Moooo! Enough said :)

Meet our Feathery Friends!

Meet the Hens

Cluck cluck, scratch scratch, coo coo, have some eggs :)

Meet the Chicks

We do multiple batches of broilers throughout the season!

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Quack Quack

Come feed the ducks or come swim with them in the pond, ok maybe not go for a swim, but definitely feed them and say bon jour!

Live Lavish Local

Come and enjoy the Promistery today!

I love it! Recommend it!

Yolanda Walker

It's sooo good!

Camren de Waard

Bought a large basket this week, never enjoyed fresher and tastier veggies....

Chris Mills