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Promistery Membership Card

Promistery Membership Card

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Become a member of our farm! Choose between getting a discount on all our produce along with other perks* with a Farm Share Membership (FSM), or become a Farm Member (FM) with perks* and access to our property. Perks* and details listed below:

Farm Share Memberships (FSM):

Invest in the farm and save! With this membership program add money to your card upfront and get the discount of 5-15% off all our produce along with our other farm perks*. 

  • Add $500 & get $525 on a gift card, 5% Bonus!
  • Add $1000 & get $1100 on a gift card, 10% Bonus!
  • Add $1500 & get $1725 on a gift card, 15% Bonus!

Example: Select "FSM $525" and pay $500 at check out while getting $525 loaded onto your membership card to use online, at our farm stand or any of the farmer's markets we attend. 

Farm Member (FM):

Farm members are those looking to use the property at the farm 6 days a week and getting the member perks* at our farm stand, but without the large upfront cost. This is great for those that are not looking for a lot produce, but still want to support the farm. Bring your friends and family with you whenever you come, just don't forget your member card.

  • Farm Member - $50 
  • Members pick first. Get first access to our eggs, mushrooms and fruits when they are in sort supply. 
  • Come to the farm and pick-your-own produce for select cultivars.
  • Farm memberships give you access to the property 6 days a week (excluding Sundays). Non members have access only on Saturdays.
  • Discounts on all farm events and workshops.
  • Farm stand specials - deals offered on various products only at our farm stand.
  • Comes with a membership card!

Note: The farm stand and flower patch are open to all during the week, it is the rest of the property offered for use of members.